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Major General Paul Potter

Name Paul Sam-William Potter

Position Judge Advocate General of Starfleet

Rank Major General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 151

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 205
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description When he is without his shirt, Paul has several scars that cover his body, this to him are consider badges of honor and as such he wears each one proudly, and the one that stands out the most was caused by a projectile weapon that cut a vertical line along his rib-cage.


Mother Alexandria Potter, Federation Diplomat (b.2239 - d.2335)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul doesn't have many ambitions in life expect to one day have a family to call his own. He is also a very honest officer and is not to give his opinion to a superior officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Marine, Paul has had to deal with the death of a number of colleagues during his service to the Federation. Every time it it happen he has had to reflect on his own life and career choices. In each situation though he finds a source of strength that helps him through these rough patches.
Hobbies & Interests His hobbies include reading mystery, adventures, science fictions novels. He also use any spare time he can get to master his swordsmanship as well as marksmanship.

Personal History Early Life
Born on March 26 2263, Paul was left on the steps of the Federation Embassy of Kaleb. He was found in the early morning by a member of the Embassy Protection Force, Gunnery Sergeants Susanne William and Samuel Davis who were walking the Federation Ambassador Alexandria Potter on a tour of the new garden.

After getting over the shock of someone leaving a child on the steps of her embassy, the Ambassador decided to adopt the child this giving him the name child Paul Sam-William Potter. During his early childhood, he would answer to Paul, Sam or even Will since he had three first name. Using some of her contacts within the Kaleb Imperial Government and Starfleet Intelligence, Alexandria was able to get a birth record that listed her as Paul's birth mother.

Raised as the son of an Ambassador, Paul saw what the political world of the galaxy was full of sharks and wolves, one minute they were nice and as soon as a better deal came across they would betray you.

In the fall of 2278, Paul and his mother moved back to Sol III after his mother was elected to Federation Council as the Senior Councilor for Kaleb.

Two month after Paul's birthday, he was shot during an attempt on the life of his mother and as a result he carries the log scar along his rib-cage.

In 2281 just two day after his eighteen birthday, Paul would make one of the most major changes of his life when he decided to enlist into the Starfleet Marine Corp.

Basic Training

While in basic training, Paul excelled at his training to the point that he was brought to the attention of the Regiment Commander who recommended that he become an officer and take Officer Candidate School (OCS), however Paul declined the recommendation stating that he was a grunt.

U.S.S Williamburgs

At the completion of basic training, Paul was assigned to the U.S.S Williamburgs as a Private. After thirty-four years, Starfleet Command and Starfleet Medical noticed that Paul had not aged to look pass the age of eighteen so they recalled him to Sol III. It would only take the a week before, he was identified as a member of the species called El-Aurian. However, Paul had been raised by the Human and as such he had their view points and didn't changed his career choice.

Vulcan & Kaleb

Following the revelation, Paul was sent back into the field to serves on Vulcan at the Federation Embassy as the Bravo Deputy Leader of the Security Detail. He found to be a quiet post and even took part in some Vulcan Rituals when off duty. In 2320, at the rank of Staff Sergeant; he was posted on his homeworld of Kaleb to serve as the Security Detail Alpha Leader at the Federation Embassy.

Paul found it strange to be on the world where his mother found him, but it allowed him a chance to really get to know the world where he spent a majority of his life. It also help that he knew the embassy layout from front to back because in 2328, a group of mercenaries struck at the embassy to get to the Ambassadorial suite. Paul nearly destroyed the entire ground floor holding of the group because local police force arrived to help them. As a result if his action, he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer.

U.S.S Shoemaker & Starfleet Intelligence

In 2330, he was assigned to the U.S.S Shoemaker, however while assigned to the Shoemaker, Paul enrolled into a long-distance course at the University of Maryland. In 2334, he graduated from the university ranked as 35th out of 345 and with a Bachelor's of Science in Pre-Law. As a Warrant Officer with a degree, Paul was able to attend the OCS course while on detached duty from the U.S.S Shoemaker and he took the chance. In the spring of 2338, he returned back to the U.S.S Shoemaker holding the rank of Second Lieutenant and was given the billet of Platoon Commander.

At the completion of his tour of duty, Paul was recalled to Starfleet on Sol III and assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, between 2340 to 2345, his service record had been classified at the highest level as with several other Starfleet personnel. The only thing that is noted in his record was a travel note to Andor.

Return to Kaleb

Once more, Paul was assigned to the Federation Embassy on Kaleb, expect this time he was Security Force Deputy Commanding Officer at the rank of First Lieutenant. However in 2355, the Federation was at war with the Cardassian Union and the Ambassador at the time, would not leave the planet. This put the Security Force on edge because just twenty-seven years ago, the embassy was attack by mercs and they didn't know if they could hold out against a real army since there were only platoon sized. They got there answer in 2358, when the Eight Order came knocking on the planet.

The Starfleet Intelligence Liaison at the Embassy stated that the Eight Order had come because the planet had a small marine force. The first shot of the Battle for Kaleb killed the Security Force Commander, leaving Paul in command with the nearest relief three days away. After a debate among the military members of the planet, Paul and Commodore Joshua Carter of the Kaleb Imperial Force came to one agreement, they would have to hold out until Starfleet arrived. With a mass evacuation of the non-combatants underway, the Eight Order ground force met the Marines and the Imperial Forces with everything they had. Paul was holding the palace with members of the Embassy Security Force and Palace Guards when the Cardassians broke the defensive line. Out of the fifty-five men assigned to the Embassy, only eighteen remained. It was noticed by those under his command that Paul was quoted as order, "Make them bleed for this dirt, make them understand that if they want this world, they will have to bleed."

Over the course of the battle, Paul had been shot several times but would not leave his post because they were losing soldiers and they need everyone on the defense, but the climactic finisher never came as Task Force 1.3 of the First Fleet back by Task Forces 2.3, 3.8 and 4.4 arrived in system and began to push the naval assets of the Eight Order out of the system. As a result of his actions during the battle, Paul was award the Purple Heart.

U.S.S Thor & U.S.S Maryland

After completing the rest of his tour on Kaleb, Paul was assigned to U.S.S Thor as the Gamma Company Commanding Officer, during the outbreak of the Dominion War, he was promoted to the rank of Major and assigned to the U.S.S Maryland as the Bravo Company Commanding Officer. During this war, Paul would see something that would throw most people off a cliff, one such assignment was the Battle of Risa in which he was quoted as saying "The line has been drawn Colonel, it a matter of how you response to that line." with regards to slave camp was set up by members of the Cardassian Union. Paul and his men would work tireless to get those slaves out of the camps and to safety even if it meant that they died.

After the completion of the war, Paul retired from Starfleet and returned to school to get a Juris Doctor. This was something that had been in his mother's will when she died in 2334. Rather than stop at his Juris Doctor, Paul went on to get a Masters of Law and a Scientiae Juridicae Doctor which drew the attention of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corp, but Paul informed the officer that came to him that he would be returning to the Corps and the JAG would be his second designation.