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Captain Vokar

Name Vokar

Position Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 12 stone
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue with a Violet dash in the left


Spouse Akida Rose Jackson
Children Kavel Jackson - Vulcan/Vedala half-breed.
Father Kintel
Mother T'Pera
Sister(s) T'Asir - USS Vindicator, Tactical Officer

Personality & Traits

Service Record SD 240709.30 - Posted Cadet, Assistant Security Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 240710.22 - Promoted to Ensign
SD 240711.27 - Promoted to Chief Security and Tactical, USS Vindicator
SD 240803.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant(Junior Grade)
SD 240805.24 - Promoted to Lieutenant
SD 240904.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SD 240905.30 - Stepped down as Chief of Security/Tactical, on Extended Leave
SD 240907.18 - Returned to Active Duty, Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Vindicator
SD 240908.08 - Named Acting First Officer (OOC)
SD 240910.03 - Promoted to Executive Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241002.02 - Promoted to Commander
SD 241003.04 - Promoted to Acting Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241004.04 - Confirmed as Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241010.31 - Promoted to Captain
SD 241012.22 - Listed as Killed in Action, Vindicator C destroyed by Vanguard forces.
SD 241203.12 - Released from Starfleet Intelligence, Assigned to USS Vindicator - Intelligence Liason Officer.
SD 241210.10 - Ordered to take command of the USS Vindicator D and return to Starbase 22.
SD 241210.16 - Named Commanding Officer, USS Pendragon.