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Fleet Admiral T'Evora

Name T'Evora

Position Commander-in-Chief

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 161

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color white
Eye Color grey


Spouse Shanik
Children Zerin (born 2297)
Saros (born 2301)
Tekav (born 2308)
T’Sala (born 2312)
Sister(s) T'Shonra
Other Family Five grandchildren, one great-grandchild

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fond of Jestral tea and Terran corgis
Not fond of subspace anomalies

Senior Aide-de-Camp/Flag Aide (Command ashore): Commodore Chuuwaht (Horta)
Junior Aide-de-Camp: Commander Asca Yan Pasc Dee (Pahkwa-thanh)

Current Corgis: Belaar, Nayik, Shi’ka’ree, Mitrani, Snuffles

Service Record Enlisted in Starfleet 2276
Academy Courses included Communications and Starbase Operations.
Posted as Communications Officer on the USS Hathaway in 2280
Chief Communications Officer since 2285

Credited with redesign of subspace transceiver arrays in cooperation with Vulcan Science Academy and University of New Berlin.
Cited as co-author on “Phoneme Approximations and Six-Sigma Evaluations as Applied to the Universal Translator Today” by Nyota Uhura
Credited with design of new software for subspace communication buoys/signal amplifiers.
Received commendation while serving as Aide-de-Camp (communications) during negotiations and signing of the Khitomer Accords

Granted extended leave of absence in 2305

Served on Vulcan Ministry of Trade

Returned to Starfleet in 2366

Posted as Chief Communications Officer on USS Intrepid

Commanded Science Vessel USS D’hjty on 1-year exploration mission in the Gamma Quadrant 2369-2370

Transferred to SF Operational Support Services and posted to Starbase 74
Promotion to Commodore / In command of Starbase 74 since 2376

Listed as consultant in the design and construction of Midas Array and project “Pathfinder”

Promoted to Rear Admiral and posted to newly constructed Starbase 557 (outside Kavrot sector) in 2382

Credited with several publications in Vulcan and Federation scientific journals, most notably a series of studies relating to the influence of ion storms on long range communications and a co-authored paper with Hamalki professor P’s’tl’k proposing new multi-tachyon-switching protocols for jamming devices.

Commendations for diplomatic and administrative achievements.

Promoted to Vice-Admiral 2387

Recalled to Starfleet Command and promoted to Admiral in 2405.
Involved with rebuilding efforts on Vulcan after Romulan attack in 2410, implementation of new communication and encryption protocols in 2413, organization of relief efforts and maintaining supply lines in 2414.