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Rear Admiral Sidra MacLaren

Name Sidra MacLaren

Position Commander, Beta Quadrant Security

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sidra is tall and thin, and though her years are creeping up on her, she keeps herself in very good physical shape. Her shoulder length hair is a bright red and her eyes blaze emerald green. She has a small mole on her left side above her upper lip.


Children Will MacCafferey
Father Captain Alec MacLaren (retired)
Mother Lt. Tala MacLaren (deceased), Monica MacLaren (step-mother)
Brother(s) Aidan MacLaren, London MacLaren, Kelsey MacLaren
Other Family Her partner: Captain Stephen MacCafferey

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sidra is a very active and physical person, she hates sitting still for long, and loathes deskwork. She would rather be in the holodeck or the gym training.

At work she is all business and demands the respect of those that work for her. It is never acceptable to for anyone in the crew or staff to call her Sidra at work, Ma'am or Admiral are the only allowable addresses. She works hard and trains hard; Sidra expects the same from everyone else. MacLaren likes to do things right and always tries to exceed the standards.

Being a Command Officer doesn’t allow for too many off duty interactions with the crew. Sidra however doesn’t find it hard to keep her distance off duty, as she prefers to spend her free time with her family.

She isn't though, contrary to popular belief, a complete ice queen. The friends that Sidra has are close to her, even though they are separated by distance and often long periods of non communication there is a small handful of people that she would drop anything for.

Sidra has a temper; if you push the right buttons, watch out! Her bite can be bigger than her bark. As a leader she tries to keep a cool head and her temper under control, but that doesn’t always happen. Sidra is known for her often brash attitude, especially when dealing with frustrating or incompetent people. She often turns people off by her extremely business oriented attitude on duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sidra is proficient in the use of most weapons, but only uses them as a last resort and only in extreme cases would she use deadly force. She is well versed in the martial arts of Muay Thai and Tang Soo Do and is a great boxer. Even as her age creeps up, she keeps up on her training, keeping her reflexes sharp and her body strong. Through her ex-husband she has learned how to yield a bat'leth with much skill from years of practice with it.

Admiral MacLaren has been through alot in her long career but two events still haunt her more than others. As Chief of Security on board the USS Archer, the armory experienced an explosive accident that killed some of her crew. LtCmdr MacLaren had ran into the raging fire to rescue one of them, severely injuring herself, keeping her off duty for several months to recover. On her way from Starbase Aurora to Starbase 369 in a shuttle, accompanied by her then husband, Captain P’lakor Gonai, the shuttle was attacked. The pirates were there to steal the warp core of the craft, but took Sidra along too. She was beaten and sold a few times before being made a laborer. Pregnant at the time of her capture, she was beaten often, fed meager rations. Outfitted with a neural inhibitor at the time, she had no idea who she was and or clue as to her history. She was whipped, leaving large slashes across her back, and lost a good chunk of her body weight. Her unborn baby did not survive and was crudely removed, leaving a severe scar under her naval. When she was returned, the neural inhibitor was removed, the physical marks were healed and even mostly erased. She is still plagued with nightmares that come up every few months and make her boil with rage.
Ambitions Having reached the peak of her career, and enjoyed a few years of retirement, Sidra has a final mission she wants to see fulfilled. She was once held captive and tortured as a slave laborer. Despite following many trails, the location of her captivity was never determined. Still plagued from nightmares of her time there, knowing there were several other people just like her likely still enslaved, she is coming out of retirement, hopeful to have access to the resources she needs to see this last mission to the end.
Hobbies & Interests Sidra keeps her body fit with martial arts and other hand combat practices. She also likes to keep on hand weapon training.

After retiring from Starfleet to raise her son, Sidra started to raise crops for Scotch production. After failing a few seasons, she went back to school and got her PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences in order to produce a better crop. Her education did help her production and she produces from her land in Scotland a very fine whiskey. Sidra has sold the distribution rights of her brand to Alistair Dunross as the production got to be too much to keep up with. She never intended to run a company.

Personal History Sidra MacLaren was born the youngest of four children to Alec and Tala MacLaren. Her mother, a Starfleet medical officer, was fatally shot with a disrupter when she was five months pregnant with Sidra. The CMO of the Aires was able to save the baby and simulated a womb for her to continue to grow to full term. Her father, Alec was the first officer of the Aires at the time, and devastated by the loss of his beloved wife. He visited his unborn daughter in sickbay daily, telling her stories of her mother. It served as therapy for him talking about his wife. After a completing a normal gestation period Sidra was born on 237804.04.

She was welcomed into life by her father and her three older brothers, Aidan who was 12, London who was 8, and Kelsey who was 3 years old. Her oldest brother Aidan came up with the name Sidra, (SEE-dra), which in Latin means star born. She was born on a starship and grew up on them too, rarely setting foot on real ground. Her time spent planetside was during shore leaves. Her father was first officer on the Aires for the next five years, and then was offered his own command, the USS Mesa Verde. He took command on SD 238306.22. The entire family moved with him. The ship was a large diplomatic vessel equipped for families to be onboard.

Her father was often very busy in his job as a CO; he spent as much time with his children as possible, but for the most part they were on their own. Aidan was like a second father to Sidra responsible for her most of the time, he kept her and his younger brothers out of trouble, most of the time. For four energetic children onboard a ship life can get boring with limited areas to explore. They got into a lot of mischief, much to the dismay of their father, who thought that his kids should be the best behaved onboard.

Her father, not knowing how to raise a daughter, treated her as he did his sons. Not having a mother and three older brothers as an influence, Sidra grew up a tomboy. She was just, 'one of the guys' on the ship and could hold her own in the boys rough games. Being the baby of the family she was pretty spoiled, and got away with a lot more than her brothers ever did. But her brothers also looked her after and Aidan especially was very protective of her with any threatening situations. When Sidra was ten years old her beloved brother, Aidan, left for Starfleet academy, and she took a long time getting over his leaving. They still have a special bond.

At fourteen she started making friends with other girls her age and became less and less of a tomboy as she progressed through her teens. Boyfriends were a problem though, because of the size and intimidation factor of her brothers London and Kelsey. All of her brothers are over six foot five and no one was good enough for their baby sister. They were great friends with most of the guys on board, but those guys also knew better than to go after Sidra.

Sidra got her freedom when she followed her parents and Aidan's footsteps and entered Starfleet academy. She had originally intended to study medicine, but found her skills to be more geared to security and followed that path instead. She had always done what her brother's had down for fun growing up. That consisted of boxing, Muaythai, and Tang Soo Do. She doesn’t have as much strength as most males but she's fast and knows where to strike. At the academy weapons training was one of her favorite courses and she's a pretty good shot.

Upon graduation from the academy on Stardate 240009.10 she was assigned to a small shuttle transport facility on Mars. She was the only officer in the security department, but her department’s only responsibility was to check identification at the shuttle landing sites and report any "suspicious" activity to the main Starfleet unit on Mars. Life on this post was boring and there was never a single incident the whole time she was there. She tried to make the best of it, and exceeded the standards in her duties, but the job held no interest for her. As soon as she was eligible she requested a transfer as far away from Mars and the Sol system as she could. Her transfer was accepted and she was assigned to the newly commissioned USS Archer A, a sovereign class ship, set to explore Traxati space.

Since the Archer departed the ship yards, Sidra has served as a security officer, then acting Chief, Chief of Security, and Second Officer of the ship. After an accident in the armory, Sidra's Second Officer duties were taken over by LtCmdr P'lakor Gonai, her closest friend.

Soon after Sidra was able to finally return to duty after extensive injuries, the command team of the USS Archer changed. Both Fleet Captain Salek and Captain Chesek left the ship at almost the same time. Commander Richard York took the vacant CO’s spot. Kor then moved up to XO and Sidra resumed her post as the Second Officer. Although happy for her now lover, Sidra felt a bit jealous of Kor as he was now in a spot that she’d been striving for.

An unfortunate run-in with the Ordonians left the Archer without a CO again. Cmdr York was kidnapped by the enemy and never heard from again. Epsilon Command asked P’lakor to take the Captain’s chair. Sidra was asked to be his XO and with a bit of hesitation she took the job. They had gone from lovers, back to just friends after finding that balancing a relationship and the command duties of the ship was too hard.

Only a brief amount of time passed before Sidra realized that she could not work side by side with someone she loved and still be an effective Executive Officer. She secretly asked for a transfer behind his back and received orders to be the Security Advisor for Epsilon Fleet.

Fate brought MacLaren back to the Archer again. She met the ship while it was docked at SB Aurora and brought with her orders that would change her life. Sidra’s last duty as the Security Advisor for the fleet was to put the Archer’s XO, LtCmdr Angus McTaggert on a secret mission. She also brought orders for Captain Gonai. He was being transferred off the Archer to a desk assignment at Starfleet Command. Sidra was taking over command of the Archer. Kor surprised them both by refusing the transfer orders, resigning his commission in Starfleet and asking Sidra to marry him.

After serving as the Archer's CO, Sidra received a transmission on the way to a new mission that her father was in an accident. Without hesitation, she packed and left within the hour to be with her Father. She took a LOA from Starfleet, letting go of command of the Archer, as her father recovered and she spent time with her family. During this time Sidra MacLaren and P'lakor Gonai were married.

Off of her long LOA, Sidra not able to command the Archer, requested her old job of Epsilon Security Advisor back.

Commodore MacLaren has spent a good deal of time working for Epsilon Fleet Staff as either the Senior Security Advisor, the Deputy Commander, or the Commanding Officer of the Fleet. After a devastating loss of half of the fleet to an alien race known as the Scyobasts, Sidra resigned as the Commanding Officer, falling into a deep pit of depression and drinking. It had been over a year since she had last bothered to even go see her husband while she'd been too busy with her job and waited patiently for her on Earth. Sidra tried to get command of a starship again, wanting to run away to the stars, but an Akira X class ship she had her eye on was redesignated as the Crazy Horse-B after the A was lost. Meanwhile, Kor was tired of waiting for her to return to him and asked for a job in space again. He was assigned to Epsilon Fleet and eventually, Sidra realized she needed to stay with him and stop running away.

Commodore MacLaren was ordered to take up the job of Deputy Commander of Epsilon again to help ease in and assist Colonel McQueen, the new CO. She was given the choice of taking the job or resigning completely. Not quite ready to give up on Starfleet yet, she grudgingly took the job on Epsilon Command Staff.

Sidra while not necessarily thrilled with her position once again steering a desk as the Deputy Subfleet Commander, took the opportunity to rethink her personal life, her marriage and her future. Feeling better than ever about the new possibilities that a desk job would give to her marriage to Captain Gonai, Sidra turned over a new stone and focused more on her marriage. Together Kor and Sidra bought a large apartment together on SB Aurora's Thor class station and planned to start a family.

On 240411.16 on a routine trip from SB Aurora to 369 to attend a meeting, Captain Gonai and Commodore MacLaren's shuttle was overtaken by pirates looking for a new warp core. After the shuttle was fired on, and Kor was injured by an exploding console, the pirates boarded the shuttle and Sidra was unable to take them out. The pirates took her captive after a brief struggle and left Captain Gonai for dead.

Sidra was sold as a labor slave, beaten and punished several times as she changed hands, her unborn baby was lost. Transferred to planet where they mined rocks manually for a type of gem she was fitted with a neural inhibitor and was worked almost to death for a year. Commodore MacLaren does not remember leaving the planet and how she got back to Federation space. She was picked up in space on an abandoned cargo ship, in a coma from the severe physical treatment. Starfleet removed the neural inhibitor and Sidra struggled for months with the experience, working with counselors until she was officially cleared for duty again.

The experience of being captured was life changing, Sidra filed for divorce from her husband, realizing that things had been over for a while but neither of them had been brave enough to admit it. Though there were extensive investigations done and Sidra was integrated many times over, the location of captivity was never discovered. Sidra’s rehabilitation occurred at Starbase Raven, over Trilista Colony and she became close friends with Admiral’s Indi Hawk & Sha’mer. Indi and herself often found themselves having too much fun and even had to be released from the station’s brig by Adm St Clare once.

Once returned to duty Sidra she temporarily stepped in as CO of SB Raven and then took a position as Gamma Fleet’s security advisor. Sidra met Stephen MacCafferey while asking him, a JAG officer, to assist in processing her divorce. Though very different people, with Sidra a hot tempered, tactical and command officer and Stephen more reserved and thoughtful, having a career as a lawyer and not much field experience, they fit together.

Sidra MacLaren and Stephen MacCafferey had a whirlwind romance while investigating the explosion and complete destruction of SB Aurora and have never really been apart in the ten years since. She found out she was pregnant with Will MacCafferey after two years. The new was a complete shock because of her age and physical trauma. Sidra had been told there was almost no chance she would have a child. At 47 she retired her commission and Stephen took a position as a district judge in San Francisco. Sidra was happy to be a mother, but did not sit around the house, she started to turn her land into barley crops. After a few years of failing, she went to school to learn about soil and crops, getting a PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences. Sidra started to make Scotch as a hobby, but never wanting to run an expanding business sold her Boar’s Rock brand distribution to Alistair Dunross.

Though happy at home in Scotland with her partner and growing son, Sidra has had a nagging feeling that was one mission she still needed to complete. Her eyes turn to the stars again.
Service Record Transport Shuttle Landing Facility: Mars (NPC post)
Acting Security Chief from 240010 to 240101.18

USS Archer A
Security Officer from 240101.18 to 240101.30

USS Archer A
Acting Chief of Security from 240101.30 to 240103.22

USS Archer A
Chief of Security 240103.22 to 240205.25

USS Archer A
Second Officer 240105 to 240109 resumed 240201 to 240205.25

USS Archer A
Executive Officer 240205.25 to 240207.29

Epsilon Fleet
Fleet Security Adviser 240207.29 to 240210.24

USS Archer A
Commanding Officer 240210.24 to 240304.04

Epsilon Fleet
Fleet Security Adviser 240305.16 to 240310.08

Epsilon Fleet
Deputy Commander 240310.08 to 240401.13

Epsilon Fleet
Acting Commanding Officer 240401.13 to 240403.13

Epsilon Fleet
Commanding Officer 240403.13 to 240407.01

Epsilon Fleet
Unassigned 240407.13 to 240409.25

Epsilon Fleet
Deputy CO 240409.26 to 240411.29

Gamma Fleet
Security Adviser 240512 to 240803

Awards: (incomplete list)

240011.04 Basic Email Academy Course
240012.05 Medical Academy Course
240102.29 Operations Academy Course
240102.26 Counseling Academy Course
240103.01 SSS Academy Course
240103.06 Helm Academy Course
240104.24 Science Academy Course
240104.28 Tactical/Security Academy Course
240103.06 Senior Officer Training Course
240106.06 Fleet Unit Citation F-K-R War
240106.08 Fleet Service Ribbon with Bronze Cluster
240108.08 Fleet Ribbon for Merit
240111.00 Marine Academy Course
240111.00 Figther Pilot Course
240203.01 Bronze Service Medal
240203.15 Nova Cross
240203.15 Timmis Award "Forefathers"
240205.31 Fleet Service Ribbon
240211.09 Fleet Service Ribbon with Bronze Cluster
240301.27 Taylor Cross for Excellence
240301.27 Timmis Award "Timeshatter"
240301.29 Command Course with Gold Star
240302.07 Galaxy Cluster
240302.07 Fleet Unit Citation "Timeshatter"
240302.07 Timeshatter Campaign Ribbon
240304.08 Nova Cross
240304.11 Starfleet Special Forces Ribbon
240305.17 Andrew Bergen Award, USS Archer A
240407.01 Galaxy Cluster - Epsilon Fleet
240407.02 Solar Burst Award - Epsilon Fleet