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Rear Admiral Sadie Stanton

Name Sadie Stanton

Position Commander, Sol Sector

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Minaran
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 144 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sadie is...solidly built. She has never lost her security officer's physique. She is generally pretty enough but average, with straight brown hair and blue eyes.


Spouse Darien Johnston, Retired Captain
Children Ian Johnston
Sarah Johnston
Father Michael Stanton
Mother Lenara Stanton

Personality & Traits

General Overview If anyone had to choose one word to describe Sadie Stanton--from someone who had served under her to her husband to someone who had only know her for five minutes--that word would be: stubborn. And they would not be wrong. She is stubborn. To a fault, at times. But she's also tough as nails, and loyal, and a good friend. Mind, there's a bit of a temper thing going on, and sometimes tough and stubborn are her worst flaws as much as her best virtues.

Personal History On the sixteenth of November, Sadie-marie Stanton was born. For all of her young life, she believed that she was the daughter of Lenore and David Jain and that her mother was human and her father half-Betazoid/half-human. She had thought that it was her one-quarter’s worth of Betazoid blood that gave her ability to be empathic through touch. Until later in her twenties, it would be ability she despised.

When she was five years old, her mother died of a disease which seemingly ‘ate her from the inside out’ and after her mother passed away, her father moved them to Betazed and married a full Betazoid woman who already had three teenaged children. They all were capable of telepathic communication, but Sadie was not, due to her low Betazoid blood and young age. (Betazoids do not gain telepathy until they are young adolescents.)

Her father and stepmother never cared for her much, which she struggled to understand. She grew up in a silent world, where everyone else did not need to speak to communicate but she did. She was a depressed adolescent, and often attempted to ‘drain’ herself of her Betazoid blood. The scars of that remain to this day.

At eighteen, she applied for Starfleet Academy under her mother’s maiden name of Stanton, and was accepted. She was quiet and sullen at the Academy and terrified of everyone. This manifested itself in anger she directed outwards at others. She’d learned quickly as a child that whenever she touched someone for too long a moment, she would take on their emotions and it would take a lot of emotional effort on her part later, minutes or hours, to work through them. This was one of the major reasons she avoided her classmates.

Despite this, she excelled in Security and Tactical and made it her own. Her strategic mind, strength of body and will, and a desire to meet the challenge made her among the best in her classes. During one class, Self-Defense, she met a young man by the name of Darien Johnston. After that class, she didn't think much about him, but he'd been a good opponent.

After graduation, she was assigned to the USS Cortez under Captain Boren and Commander Bren. She was posted as Assistant Security Officer under Lieutenant Commander Fox. She proved herself early on and was promoted to Ensign soon after arriving and given command of the Emergency Response Team. She made a friend in one of her fellow security officers, and also found Darien Johnston again, who was Chief of Operations.

Life was stormy during her first years on the Cortez. She tried desperately to do her job as best she could, but still remained apart on a ship where everyone seemed to want to befriend her. Over time, many of them broke through. Captain Boren, a Betazoid, was among the first and was the one who showed her how to put up mental walls that would block out others’ emotions if she had too much contact with them. She was able to start healing herself then, with only her own emotions to deal with. It was very difficult for her when he was promoted and transferred away, although she would come to know and respect the new Commanding Officer: Commander Robert MacKay.

Time passed and she went through several missions, ranks and positions from Assistant to Deputy to Chief of Security. She met the Borg twice and during one of the ship’s missions, her body was killed and brought back to life by the possession of a soul that kept control of it for several days. During that time, she fought against the demon inhabiting her mind and was able to fight it off for good after one last harsh battle. Over those years, she saw some friends come and go.

What would become something very important was a romance with that unpresuming man she’d met at the Academy, Darien Johnston. Their romance cemented following the ‘demon’ attack and it was then that they spent their first night together. It was the first time for Sadie and remains one of the most brightly shining, sweetest moments of her lifetime.

What also followed the ‘demon’ mission was the onset of severe headaches. A medical examination showed that her neural emissions had changed, though they did not yet know why.

The next mission would burn itself into Sadie’s memory forever. She was the leader of one of four away teams that beamed down to a planet called Talosia Prime. Her team’s objective was to locate smuggled goods. It was a hardened, cold world that required them to go undercover. On her team was the security officer Ensign Leisha Lukonia and the navigation-turned-science officer, Lieutenant Sarah Deco. They located the goods, but only after they were deceived and kidnapped by a sect of the ‘Real Maquis’ called the ‘Rebellion Riders.’ It was these Maquis that they were trying to infiltrate and these Maquis who took over the Cortez while the away teams were on the planet. Sadie’s team was captured, brutally beaten, interrogated and accused of being Cardassian spies. Eventually, they broke free and stoically made their directive.

Although it was hell on Sadie and Leisha, they were security officers and more prepared for this than the science officer. It was during this time that Sadie would discover a kinder, gentler side to her ‘gunslinger’ self that she never knew existed to help Sarah. Later, she would recall feeling her mother’s spirit helping her find the words. Sadie and Sarah became very close friends following this mission. It was a bond that would never be broken.

The headaches returned in force after Talosia. Sadie sought the help of Betazoid security officer Ensign Lina KiCoen. Together they took a walk through Sadie’s mind and discovered that Sadie’s father was not her real father and her mother was not human. Her mother’s real name was Lenara and she was Minaran, a race of tactile empaths who could use touch to take on the physical or emotional pain of others. A race that there were very few left of, wandering the universe. They were a race of people with strong, resilient immune systems able to take and heal wounds and illnesses that would damage or kill others, and with effort, push them through themselves and come out healthy. Sadie’s real father was Michael Stanton, a human.

Michael and Lenara had met and fallen in love almost instantly. They eloped and married shortly after meeting. Twelve months after their wedding, Sadie was born. When Sadie was one year old, Michael caught a terrible illness and her mother took it on herself, trying to save him. It proved too much and took his life, taking hers four years later. During those four years, Lenore wanted to give her baby a father and wed David Jain.

It was a discovery that made Sadie realize her powers and she began learning about them and how to control them. Though she was still a Take No Shit kind of girl, she did begin exploring herself and becoming gentler for it. It was a hard road, but she learned to walk it. Before the next mission, Darien--in command of the Cortez--asked her to move in with him, and she accepted.

There would be more missions, more struggles, more trouble, and more friends.

And then, the girl who had once sworn that she would die alone became engaged to Darien Johnston.

The next mission found her team attacked on a strange planet by giant spiders that captured her best friend Sarah. Ever the brilliant soul, Sadie went in after her...and was successful.

Of course, the ship was immediately called to repel the Borg as they headed for Trilista Colony. All of Gamma Fleet was involved, although it turned out to not be the Borg, but a race known as the Taurhai. After wreaking havoc on the fleet, they returned to their own space and the fleet, Cortez included, stayed for extensive repairs before they set out for the Taurhai. It was a hard mission, but Gamma Fleet was victorious.

After this, the Cortez set out for Risa alongside the Crazy Horse, who had been alongside them during the Taurhai mission. It was on Risa that the captain of the Crazy Horse--Trael Bren, once commander on the Cortez--would marry Darien and Sadie.

Before the wedding, Sarah Deco--now commander and executive officer--suffered a brain aneurism and had to be rushed back to Earth for emergency surgery. She recovered but was not able to return to the Cortez and could only attend the wedding through a video lLink. It was hard on Sadie, to lose another friend, but her comfort was that Sarah was at least alive and well.

Although the visions for the event from the bridge and groom differed, the wedding went off beautifully before friends and family. Sadie wished her parents could've been there, but knew they had been, in a way.

The honeymoon, however, was cancelled before it began when the Crazy Horse and the Cortez were called off on an emergency mission to Sector 926-D for another trying mission. But, as ever, they were victorious. And during that shore leave, Sadie was given executive officer and Sarah returned to the Cortez to be chief of navigation.

The next mission was supposed to be simple, but of course it wasn't. They were hit by an ion storm and assassin appeared in their midst. It struck Darien before they reached the station, and put him in a coma for weeks. She took over as commanding officer. Security caught the perpetrator, but the damage had been done.

Darien would eventually wake but would not return to the duty. He was sent to Earth for long-term rehabilitation at the end of their two weeks of shore leave. Sadie was given command of the Cortez and promoted to captain. It was all bittersweet. Even more so when she discovered that she was pregnant and was at least grateful to be able to share the news with Darien before he departed.

She was now left with two of the most daunting roles of her life: captain of a starship and expectant mother, with a gestation even she didn’t know because of the mixed heritage. The challenges and stakes were continuing to grow, but she vowed to tackle these with all of the fortitude and tenacity that she had attacked every other challenge in her life.

If Sadie had thought that going on away missions was hard, she would discover that staying on the ship while other teams went down as even harder. While captain of the Cortez, she would meet aliens pretending to be gods, Tribble invasions on a colony, faces from the past, and ancient puzzles.

There would come a time when returning memories for Sarah would cause havoc, put her in the brig and see her demoted, and a huge riff to form between her and Sadie. Sarah’s attempt to take her own life signals the bottom, and the climb back up begins with the help of the ship’s new counselor and Sadie’s persistence as Sarah’s friend. Eventually, they mend the riff.

And so it went, and so time passed. More missions, more drama, more comedy, more life. Sadie would eventually deliver a son, who they named Ian. Sadie would witness the destruction of the Cortez, her crew just barely saved. She would see the passing of her best friend, and later deliver a daughter, named Sarah in her honor. Her own rise to command of Gamma Fleet, seeing her way through the Federation's civil war and severe injuries, before eventually continuing her path onward.

For Sadie, no matter what, it was ever onward.