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Captain Terrik Roan

Name Terrik Roan

Position Commander, Alpha Quadrant Engineering Corps

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 155
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Roan is slightly taller than average for most women and an athletic build that hints at her efforts to keep in shape. She has fair skin which emphasizes her green eyes and dark hair.


Father Terrik Pan
Mother Playa Wren
Brother(s) Lt. Terrik Opaknan, Chief Nav. Officer on the USS Gorkon
Sister(s) Terrik Wren

Personality & Traits

Personal History Terrik Pan and Playa Wren were young science officers in Starfleet when they met, and, eventually married. They first had a son named Terrik Opaknan, who was a mischievous boy since day one. He showed a love for flying, and eventually made his way to Starfleet academy, where he studied to become a Helm officer.

When the Terriks had Roan, they were working on an advanced research project out of San Francisco, on Earth. Not long after having Roan, though, they moved to the Delta Three colony, where they became Chief Scientists of the on going research program. Two years after Roan came along, the Terrik's gave birth to Roan's sister, Terrik Wren.

Roan showed an aptitude, and love for fixing things. Her parents encouraged her hobbies, and enrolled her in classes that would aid her if she pursued a career as an engineer. They also gave her a strong background in the sciences by taking her out into the field with them. Her second passion, outside of Engineering, is Geology. While on the colony, Roan met other Starfleet officers, and got a wanderlust for the stars. Her parents encouraged her to apply to the Academy, which she did, and was accepted. The young Bajoran excelled at the Academy, and graduated within the top ten percent.

Roan's first posting was aboard the Gemini. During one mission, the ship encountered hostiles who boarded the vessel. Everyone, including Roan, did their best to fight the intruders. Roan, unfortunately, was on the receiving end of a stab wound to the chest. While she was unconscious, she had strange visions with the Bajoran Prophets, even though the vessel was no where near Bajor.

Until that moment, Roan had been a casual observer of the Bajoran religion. The visions strengthened and renewed her faith in the Prophets. She took a leave of absence from Starfleet to pursue her renewed faith, but the call of warp drives was too strong for her to remain away for more than a year.

Returning to duty, Roan was CEO of the Medussa when the ship was attacked by Gorn. A party made their way to engineering, where Roan found herself fighting for her life, and the freedom of her crew. She survived, but not before a Gorn severed her right hand. The CMO replaced her hand with a prosthetic.

During this time, Roan had been married to a woman by the name of Karen. The two had a very intense relationship that burned white hot. Unfortunately, the relationship came to an end.

Roan saw another major change in her life, as she transferred to Star Base Aurora as Chief Ops officer. While there, she met up with an old friend in the CO, Viktor Dunross. Roan didn't remain Cops for long, though, as Dunross asked her to be his first officer, and she accepted.

Life on a star base was much different to life on a ship, but Roan found it quite agreeable. The station often hosted diplomatic functions, and it was during one of these that the station was attacked, and bombed. Viktor went missing in action, and is now presumed dead. Roan began evacuation procedures, but was knocked unconscious before she could remove herself from the station. Fortunately, the crew looked out for her.

When she regained consciousness, Roan found herself on the Pearl Harbor, the ship attached to the station, and the Harbor was at Star Base Raven. While in sickbay, Roan was visited by one Commodore Indira Hawk, who asked Roan to continue on as her XO on the new Aurora. Roan agreed.

The one constant in Starfleet is change. Eventually, Indi left Aurora, and Roan was promoted to Captain and CO of the station. Roan was a reluctant CO at first, but the role suited her. She remained as CO for some time, but eventually grew restless and requested an extended leave of absence.

During her leave, she returned to Bajor to spend time with her aging parents. The slower pace of life appealed and Roan contemplated retiring from Starfleet all together. The civil war convinced her it was time to step away, and she did. . .for a time.

All things come to an end, as did the Civil War. Roan's parents passed away due to their advanced years, and the Bajoran found herself bored once more. She requested to rejoin Starfleet and regain her commission. She was shocked when they offered her the opportunity to be the Commander of the Alpha Quadrant Engineering Corps, and was more than happy to take on the challenge.