Starfleet Command


Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]

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The civil war has claimed a number of lives, but it has also broken the peace that bound the Federation together, the council is fractured as a number of member worlds declare their independence, the politicians aren't trusted and Starfleet are stretched thin trying to maintain what little peace is left.

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Non-Plot Log

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General duty logs not connected with ongoing Fleet plots.

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Hush [BQ Plot]

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With the attempt at destroying the USS Vindicator thwarted, and Commodore Rochelle Ivanova still very much alive, Ssiebb Vrith Tr'Bak has set off on a new mission designed to bring him closer to the position in life he truly feels he deserves; Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. He knows, however, that Earth's Rome wasn't built in a day and that in order to obtain his goals he must bring the Federation to its knees - starting with Commodore Ivanova and Cheydinhall Sector as a whole.

Meanwhile a new threat has risen and has taken hold firmly on the Beta Quadrant by attacking Fleet Admiral Blyx Red on Cold Station Theta. An act that has forced new Commander in Chief, Admiral Sean Archer, to action.

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Across The Stars [Stenellian Ascendancy]

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The written chronicle of goings on within the Stenellian Ascendancy.

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Insurrection [Fleet Plot]

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Events are transpiring to set the United Federation of Planets on course for a civil war...

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Agua Mala [BQ Plot]

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The Fight For Peace [GQ Plot]

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The Gamma Quadrant is restless, and conflicts are brewing. Lost Starfleet vessels need to be brought back into the fold. Can the men and women of Gamma Quadrant Command bring stability to the region?

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The Krigoran War [GQ]

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