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Klingon Empire Log | Jaktor HoD | "Expansion requires study..."

Posted on 241708.23 @ 1:06am by Chancellor Ch'Krang House of Ch'Krang

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Location: Kral'JiH'Nah Nebula, Federation/Klingon Border


That was the sense that filled the bridge of the Qu’Vat as it stalked through the leading edge of the nebula, most of it had already been charted by multiple other ships but Jaktor and his crew had been sent to a system that had been thought to be uninhabited, a signal had been detected several months ago and he’d been sent to ensure that it was nothing that was going to be a threat to the Empire, a task which at first he had taken on gladly, his oath of loyalty to the Chancellor was unbreakable and he’d led his ship out to the fringe and begun the survey.

“Jaktor HoD!” the communications officer barked from the side of the bridge, he’d been silent for a long while, the captain did not like to be disturbed unless there was something important to report. “The signal detected has reappeared on long range sensors, the system marked as K-35TH-90 seems to be the source, we’re just under five hundred thousand kellicams from the edge of the system, if we move within two hundred kellicams I can resolve the signal and identify an exact match.” he reported, his voice carrying around the bridge with confidence and absolute certainty in his expectations.

Growling emanated from the throat of the hulking officer in the centre of the bridge, he’d been given his own command as reward for his long and distinguished services to the Empire and for his loyalty to the Chancellor and his house. “Very good,” Jaktor replied before turning back towards the front of the bridge, “Helm! Bring us about towards the system, full impulse to one hundred and fifty kellicams out and then full stop.” he ordered, he was watching the young SoghHom carefully, he’d been a recent addition to the crew and was as ambitious as any Klingon he’d ever met, he was only sat at the Helm because he’d defeated it’s previous occupant after a fight about proper engine maintenance.

Travelling to the edge of the system was rather uneventful, the signal became stronger as they moved forward and it’s strength was continuously monitored and reported by the communications officer, the weapons officer was also watching carefully with one hand hovering over the shield and weapon controls.

“Sir! The signal is splitting, it’s not just one signal we’re receiving, it’s hundreds!” the report bought a smile to the face of Jaktor as the ship slid to a halt at the ordered distance, multiple signals usually meant life and life sometimes meant battle. “They seem to be coming from orbital platforms, there seems to be patterns to all of the signals.”

Shifting his weight in his seat, Jaktor slid forward and put his weight onto his knees, his arm reaching down to the side of the throne to stroke the grumbling creature he kept chained to it’s side while he was on duty, “Can we decipher any of the transmission? Do we even know if it’s intended to be any kind of message or if it’s just an automated data stream?” he asked with an uncharacteristic bout of scientific curiosity before looking down at the helm, “SoghHom! Take us into the system and put us in orbit around the second planet, the greatest concentration of platforms seems to be there.” the order was given as the mighty warrior turned again to face the weapons officer, “la’Hom! Shields up, weapons ready.”

The Qu’Vat was an older ship, one of the first generation of Negh’Var warships, bristling with firepower and designed for a single purpose, it’s scientific facilities were limited despite the modifications made by the House of Ch’Krang since it had acquired the ship, it’s shields flared into life as it sprung forward from it’s stationary position and struck out into the system towards the second planet of six in the system, the second, third and fourth planets all had large numbers of satellites and what seemed to be stations in geosynchronous orbit. There was no reaction from any of them as the ship slid past them all and into the requested orbit.

“Anything?” Jaktor barked with impatience as the world below them spun idly on it’s axis, it was comparatively beautiful compared to the rough and burnt nature of Qo’noS, the skies were filled with clouds that spanned every shade from the deepest blacks to the most brilliant whites and below them oceans that spanned for thousands of miles turned from emerald green to royal blue and back again as they fought against giant continents.

“I’m detecting signs of civilisation on the surface, sir.” was the reply that came from the communications officer, “I can see weather control devices and cities, processing plants and what seem to be habitat blocks, but I can’t detect any lifeforms, all I’m getting are more signals like the ones from the satellites.” he continued as he bought up all the information that was being recorded by the ship’s sensors, “There’s definitely something down there sir.”

A laugh formed on the lips of Jaktor as he pushed himself to his feet and stepped down from the throne, “Have a survey team meet me in the shuttlebay, we’ll find out exactly what it is!” he roared with excitement as he charged towards the back of the bridge, “You have the Qu’Vat, Barot la’.”

(To Be Continued…)

Jaktor HoD
Commanding Officer
IKS Qu’Vat


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