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Klingon Empire Log | Jaktor HoD | "Peace at the barrel of a gun."

Posted on 241708.24 @ 4:54am by Chancellor Ch'Krang House of Ch'Krang

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Location: Lamet Prime

A heavy crunch followed the landing of the shuttle on the second planet in the system designated K-35TH-90, it’s thrusters had blown a large amount of debris out of the way but the landing struts still found themselves breaking through fallen branches and grass before it found soil, the debris began to settle as the rear hatch lowered and the heavily armed team of Klingons disembarked and began to fan out around the shuttle, securing the perimeter. At their centre, Jaktor stepped down from the shuttle armed with his usual weapons, a vehicle mounted assault weapon carried in both hands, a twin pair of mek’leth strapped to his waist and a bat’leth strapped to his back.

Once his feet had touched the ground he began scanning back and forwards with the barrel of his weapon as if searching for it’s first victim of this mission, “Two men stay with the shuttle!” he barked as he moved forward and dropped his aim, he pulled out his scanner and took a few minutes to scan around them for the nearest signal, “There’s a power source to the north east! The rest of you, come with me!” Ten men formed up around their hulking leader, Jaktor stood at least a full head taller over the closest to him, they began to move away from the shuttle as the remaining two men moved back to the shuttle and began a patrol pattern.

The heavy, booted footsteps of ten Klingons rang out through the forest as they made their way towards the power source, twigs and branches broke underfoot and dirt which appeared not to have been disturbed for years was churned up into a broken mess as they passed. Disruptor rifles scanned every tree and boulder the troupe marched by, finding nothing out of the ordinary they continued onwards, creatures of all shapes and sizes fled from their approach, avians and winged reptiles burst forth from the bushes and took to the skies on wings of feather and leather while insects and beasts scurried from hiding place to hiding place.

“There’s a cliff ahead one-half kellicam!” one of the men called out as he was reviewing the data from his scanner, “The power source seems to be at the base.” he added as they came to the edge of the treeline, as soon as he finished reporting a burst of pressurised air knocked the two leading men from their feet and covered the entire team in dirt and other debris, a sleek shuttle burst upwards with thrusters burning the air as it struck out towards the skies. It was joined by another which matched it’s speed and direction, sending another wave of pressurised air over the group of Klingons.

“I thought you said there were no lifesigns!” Jaktor roared as the two men got back to their feet and the group came to the edge of the cliff, he laid his weapon on the ground and took to one knee with a scanner in hand, there was a settlement of some kind at the base of the cliff and it seemed to be teeming with life, from this height they could barely be made out, like ants beneath the looking-glass they scurried about their lives unaware of the watchers above them, Jaktor’s gaze was drawn along the ridge of the cliff, searching for a path down or some way to reach the settlement below, it settled on a path that only seemed wide enough for one warrior at a time and he thought against it. “Grappling gear! We scale the cliff and approach from above!”

It only took a few minutes for all ten men to affix their climbing gear and hammer the supports into the rock and begin their descent, ropes swung out before them as they begun walking down the face of the cliff with weapons drawn and watching for any potential threats. Jaktor himself had his weapon hefted in one hand, his scanner set to constantly scan and record everything happening below, as they neared the ground the Klingons took turns in correcting their orientation and planting the boots on the ground, they began to fan out and prepare a perimeter as the rest of their comrades made it down.

Before them, several figures began to approach from the settlement, they appeared to be humanoid but their skin was heavy and metallic, swirling patterns of silver coloured three of them while the other two were a patchwork of different shades of copper, they strode forward with measured graceful strides, the lead figure raised it’s arms and linked it’s fingers in front of it before bringing them apart, light flashed from it’s fingers and an interface appeared, it pointed it towards the Klingons and a sound rang out from the creature, within moments it was answered by a similar sound from the other four, each having a different tone from the next but all of them sounding like a cacophony of digital audio signals mixing and crossing over the others.

One of the smaller, copper coloured creatures raised it’s own arms and, as with the apparent leader of the group, her fingers began to glow with power but they were both outstretched towards the Klingon survey team, the light spread from her fingertips and moved over each Klingon individually, seeming to focus on those carrying scanners, the noises grew in intensity as they began moving forward again.

“What… are they doing?” Jaktor asked as he looked down at his device and found it to be malfunctioning, the screen was blank and refused to respond to any of his commands, frustration built in him and forced him to throw the device down onto the ground, he hefted his weapon and levelled it at the creatures approaching from the settlement, “In the name of the Klingon Empire, I command you to halt!” he bellowed across the field between them,

The sounds coming from the creatures intensified again and seemed to be directed now towards the Klingons instead of amongst themselves, but yet they did not stop their advance. Jaktor growled in approval and adjusted his grip on the weapon, “Today is a good day to die!” he roared as he opened fire with his disruptor autocannon, the bolts singing through the air with blistering accuracy… At least that’s what the Klingons were expecting, their disruptor fire found nothing but thin air as the creatures continued advancing, their bodies twisted and moulded in seemingly impossible ways as the bolts approached them and caused every shot to miss their target, the Klingons continued to pour fire at the creatures and the volleys continued to miss as they danced and shifted forms.

“Disruptors are ineffective, sir!” one of the warriors shouted as he threw down his rifle and drew his bat’leth from his back, Jaktor nodded as a toothed grin crossed his face, he allowed his autocannon to drop to the floor and drew his mek’leth from his belt, with a weapon in each hand he altered his stance to one better suited for fighting hand to hand.

When the first creature made it within striking range of one of the warriors, the blade found nothing but the dirt at it’s feet as it split itself straight down the middle to avoid the strike, it reformed itself and reached out to grab hold of the warrior’s arm, moulding itself to restrain him and seize his scanner from his arm. The sounds emanating from all of the creatures began to modulate and twist as the Klingons attempted to fight them, but the blades so used to cutting into flesh and blood found nothing but air and dirt, the creatures could disassemble themselves faster than the Klingons could strike and reformed just as fast.

“Ship…” the sounds formed themselves into a word, spoken simultaneously by all of the creatures in the group, “Orbit… language… Klingon… stop… peace…” the words were spoken in a broken and staggered patterns as if they were trying to learn the language at a breakneck pace. “Statement; We seek peace.” the sound was focused on the lead creature this time, the five others had managed to subdue the Klingons and only Jaktor stood alone, mek’leth whirling and striking out at any part of the creatures that attempted to make contact with him, “Statement: Jaktor… House Ch’Krang, please, peace.” it synthesised as it put together the information its companion had extracted from the scanner.

Lowering his weapons for a moment, Jaktor allowed himself a breath before turning to the creature that had addressed him, “You can speak? How do you know my name?” he demanded as he sheathed one of his weapons, the other held at a ready position at his side.

“Answer: Scanner… We have analysed… computer link… Qu’Vat.” the creature replied as it regarded the Klingon carefully and moved to step forward, it raised it’s hands with the palms open and towards Jaktor, “Statement: Welcome… Lamet Prime… “ it continued before cocking it’s head, “Query: Why… fight… destroy us? We seek peace.”

The other weapon was stowed by Jaktor and he stepped towards the creature and stretched himself out to his full height, “Release my men!” he roared as he stood face to face with it and looked around at his group of men who had been captured with ease. Without an answer the creatures released the Klingons and moved back to stand behind their leader, each of the Klingons retrieved their weapons and re-armed themselves, “Statement: Release… we talk, diplomacy, peace, trade. Lametian Cooperative and Klingon Empire, we seek peace.”

(To Be Continued…)

Jaktor HoD
Commanding Officer
IKS Qu’Vat


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