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Joint log, RAdm. Cintia Sha'mer & (temporary) Ens. Ra'lin Sha'mer | "Mother And Child Reunion"

Posted on 241712.02 @ 5:41pm by Rear Admiral Cintia Sha'mer

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Location: USS Vindicator/Cold Station Theta
Timeline: SD 241712.02

They discussed it, later, and as it turned out neither of them could tell precisely when they realised something had changed. It hadn't happened suddenly, that much was certain. It was more likely that once the Vindicator had returned to its normal time, the connection which had been severed so abruptly slowly began to heal as, thin strand by thin strand, both sides found each other again.

So when Sha'mer woke up in her strange bed in one of the guest quarters on Cold Station Theta, she was aware that something had changed, that something which had been wrong was now set right again, but she didn't quite know what it was.

And when Ra'lin woke up in her own quarters, miserable and sore, yet happy at the same time, she felt something was different. There was too much going on to dwell on what it was. It was only later that day when she realised that a place in her mind which had been empty and lost was filled again, and not only that, it felt alive.

She reached out with her mind and touched the link. The response was immediate.

And for both, awareness of the universe around them faded for awhile.

Mom? Mom!

!! Ra'lin!

What followed was an exchange on a deep telepathic level, images blending with feelings blending with words so that it was almost impossible to decipher where one ended and the other began. But this is the closest it can be described with mere words:

Mom you're back you came back WHAT HAPPENED?!
Long story
[flashes of images: a runabout suddenly floating dead in space, out of power, people materialising, shooting, blood flowing in oddly graceful curves in zero G, darkness, capture, locked in own head- The images were cut off abruptly, ruthlessly repressed]. I'm back. [More images: house near San Francisco, overlooking the sea, Indi in uniform.]

Indi too?!

Arrived same day as I did. Amazing coincidence after all that time. We heard you two were assigned to the USS Vindicator, but you'd shipped out not long before we returned. And then we heard-

Mom we crashed back in time in the middle of the nebula weird stuff
[Now images from Ra'lins side, the Vindicator shaking, falling, Ra'lins short flight and unfortunate landing, a sudden bonding in sickbay, the planet, all the things which happened there, the fight during which she got beaten up.]

Wry reaction from Sha'mer: You're really too much like me.

[More images still, Craig] He found me saved my life still don't know how he- [and her dillemma, knowing the fate of the sun, the planet and her doomed inhabitants, the shuttle, the prison break, the flight back up.] Yesterday. We came back yesterday. Mom how did you get here so fast it takes weeks to get here from Earth if not longer.

You were kind enough to-
[Image: Imperial Star waiting in the landing bay]
Of course!

It made some upgrades. They might benefit you. ETA to CST?

? Hang on. Not long. Few days max. Maybe tomorrow?

I'll be here.

And with that the actual contact was ended, but both of them spent the rest of the day marvelling at the regained contact. And deeper down, they each wondered what it would be like to see each other again, face to face as well as mind to mind, after all those years. One thing was certain. Though much needed to be done – so much time to catch up, so many things to be said – the healing had finally begun.

Rear Admiral Cintia Sha'mer
Starfleet Operations

(Temporary) Ensign Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator


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