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Welcome to the UCIP hub, the pinnacle point of activity within the greater playing universe. Within these hallowed archives you will find the current events of every faction and government and a chronicle of the trials, tribulations, and victories associated with each.

It’s the year 2419. The Federation is under the guidance of President Sabine Sholtz-Archer, a retired Starfleet Admiral, while Starfleet itself remains under the watchful command of FAdm Sean Archer. The Romulan Star Empire thrives within the grasp of Praetor Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe, the Klingon Empire remains powerful, standing with High Chancellor Ch’Krang, House of Ch’Krang, and the newly discovered Stenellian Ascendancy burns brightly beneath the leadership of Empress Xue’Daio Nox Tr’Verelan.

For now there is relative calm and quiet within the known universe, but that peace can be shattered in the blink of an eye as each reigning power structure continues to expand, explore, and attempt to live and let live. History dictates that such lulls are often just the calm before the most violent and turbulent storms. The question isn’t ‘if’ that peace will be broken, but when… And how bad the fall out will be.

We invite you to join the story and immerse yourselves in a collaborative literary experience like no other.

Latest Mission Posts

» JL | Empress Xue'Daio Nox, Kiv'Watt | "Hurts Like Hell"

Mission: Across The Stars [Stenellian Ascendancy]
Posted on 241908.23 @ 12:30am by Xue'Daio Nox Tr'Verelan

The seasons were supposed to be ever turning, or at least that was how the doctrine was supposed to go. Nothing seemed quite certain anymore, not even the sage and stone beneath the stars, not even the turning of the tides. Xue couldn’t find the chance to lay down her…

» Kalina Zett, Danielle Atarah, Aldus Smit | When life gives you lemons... You take over the Lemonade

Mission: Non-Plot Log
Posted on 241804.17 @ 1:10am by Danielle Atarah

“Stokes, get us to our safe zone, I want to be out from under Starfleet’s nose as soon as the Bristol can carry us,” Zett ordered as she walked out of her room, purposefully, her expression and tone leaving no room for the banter that existed just an hour previously…

» Danielle Atarah, Kalina Zett | Partnership, Pt 2

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Posted on 241803.13 @ 6:19pm by Danielle Atarah

“So,” Zett smiled after the waiters cleared their table from the main dish, replacing the utensils with precious little tea spoons for the dessert. Dani looked up at her and finished her glass of wine, smiling. “So?”

Zett cleared her throat, putting her palm on top of Dani’s, thinking a…

» Danielle Atarah, Kalina Zett | Partnership, Pt 1

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Posted on 241803.13 @ 6:13pm by Danielle Atarah

The shuttle lurched as it came to a landing. It was a tiny lurch, barely there; if the passenger was anyone else, they’d likely not have even noticed it. But it wasn’t just any passenger. Dani noticed. Her lips tightened into a sarcastic judgmental smirk as the shuttle touched down,…

» JL | Lt Hawk & RAdm Hawk | Bloodlines

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]
Posted on 241712.29 @ 7:46pm by Rear Admiral Indi Hawk

=/\= VIP Quarters, CST =/\=

As it was custom when a high ranking officer visited your command, you saw to it that they were quartered nicely. And so, even despite the numerous Admirals aboard Cold Station Theta at that time, all Admiral guests still found themselves assigned VIP quarters. It…