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Vanguard Log | Vokar | VanCO | "Terrors in the night..." Pt1

Posted on 241708.29 @ 2:11am by Captain Vokar

Mission: Reconciliation & Reconstruction [Fleet Plot]



Turmoil beset the usually silent quarters that belonged to the Vulcan Captain of the Pendragon, they’d been silent ever since he’d dropped Akida and the kids off at one of the Vanguard’s hidden bases, she’d volunteered to whip their Operations department into shape and have the base up and running as it should be. But the Vulcan was troubled, the base wasn’t the only reason why he’d sent them away, he’d felt it when he was recovering on Apsha, a shadow that seemed to be creeping over him, ever present in the darkest corners of his psyche, always on the edge of his consciousness waiting for him to lose control.

Kicking the covers from his form, the Vulcan sat bolt upright in bed and opened his one good eye, sweat beaded down his scarred face, he raised a hand and wiped it away in a single motion, he swung his feet out from the bed, forced himself to his feet and grasped for his cane to steady himself. His stride was unsteady as he made his way towards the bathroom, the lighting illuminated itself as he moved and shut down as he left each room, the cane rang out with each step forward and as a habit struck twice when he came to a halt at the sink, he placed the cane on the edge and hung it up before starting the water running.

It felt cool against his face as he splashed himself a few times, just as he’d asked for it to be programmed, he reached out for a towel and dried himself off, taking a few seconds to hold the towel against his face before lowering it and looking himself over in the mirror, turning his face to the left and right and raising a hand to run his fingers over the scars that had become his identification, the pitted burn marks from the time that had set everything in motion and the single blade mark from yet another fight, a fight which had taken one of his eyes.

Something caught the attention of his good eye as he moved his head about and he stopped for a moment to regard it, towards the centre of the mirror there seemed to be a crack that had formed, he’d not seen it previously and the Vulcan in him swore that it had not been present when he’d cleaned himself up before bed, he reached out with one of his hands to trace the crack and his reflection followed suit, he ran his fingers over it a couple of times and each time it seemed to grow and expand towards all four corners…

The reflection in the mirror had a demonic grin spread across it’s face as the mirror shattered and it’s hand flew out to grab the Vulcan around the throat, fingers were replaced by talons and the grip tightened as Vokar stumbled backwards and thudded against the bulkhead, his hands gripped at the arm that had taken hold of him, his fingers reached for the talons that threatened to cut off his air supply, the creature pulled him towards it’s face and laughed before throwing the Vulcan against the bulkhead, he hit the wall with force enough to leave a dent and fell to the floor gasping for air.

Vokar’s good eye searched the room for his attacker but found nothing, the wall was undamaged and the mirror sat above the sink as whole as it had been when he’d walked into the room, he rolled himself onto his back and pulled himself into a sitting position against the wall, he felt sore from the impact and his leg ached from the lack of support. Using the wall as his support, he again forced himself to his feet and staggered back to the sink to retrieve his cane, he took his weight off his sore leg and began making his way back into the living room, the lighting again coming up to a comfortable level as he entered. He moved to the couch and lowered himself gingerly before picking up a padd from the table and activating a comm channel, “Vokar to bridge, status report?”

“Status normal, Vokar.” came the reply from his Tellarite First Officer, the gruff response was what he’d been expecting, short and to the point. “Is everything ok, sir?” was a response that he was not expecting, “You sound… vexed.”

“I’m fine.” the Vulcan replied as he laid back on the sofa and sighed slightly, he was still tired and worn out, it was becoming a regular thing these days, he lacked the energy he’d once had in his youth and was starting to become fatigued, “Inform me when we reach Apsha, Vokar out.” he repeated his earlier order and shut off the comm link before throwing the padd back onto the table and leaning back to consider what had just happened.

This was the third time in a year and it was starting to worry him...

(To Be Continued...)

Former Captain Vokar
Vanguard Commander
VCD Pendragon


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