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RAdm Indi Hawk | "Back to work"

Posted on 241709.06 @ 6:19pm by Rear Admiral Indi Hawk

Mission: Non-Plot Log

Indi awoke with a start. She sat up in bed and glanced over at the sleeping form of Sha'mer next to her. It had been another nightmare, but this time it hadn't come from her wife. It had been different, very different. She remembered it clearly, as if it was a memory and not a dream. There had been blood. A lot of blood. Men being slaughtered. Night vision scattering green light. More blood. Her throat being cut- Indi ran one hand involuntarily over her own throat. She shuddered and slid out of bed. There would be no more sleep for her now.

Taking the tea from the replicator - way too early for coke - Indi stepped out onto the porch. She sat down in the chair and pulled her legs under her. Sipping the hot liquid carefully, she looked out at the landscape in front of her. They had only moved a few days ago, and the view didn't cease to amaze her. Just like on Trilista, they'd chosen a location that perched on the top of a hill. This was different though. This was Earth. Somehow, she'd never thought to live in a house on Earth. For one brief moment in time, for one heartbeat, she was at peace. One heartbeat was the prelude to the next, and the next after that. One peaceful moment now, but hopefully more in the days and months to come. She could deal with that. She would deal with that.

It didn't take long for the tea to be gone and the sun to rise. With a sigh, Indi pulled herself to her feet and padded back inside. The oversized shirt she was wearing would hardly do to go to work. She'd made sure the night before that she had a clean uniform, so now she slowly hoisted herself into it. It felt heavy and tight. As she attached the two pips surrounded by the square, it felt heavier still. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but wonder where the years had gone. She looked older, both in years and in experiences. Not altogether sure she liked what she was seeing, Indi averted her eyes and headed back to the kitchen.

Cintia had gotten out of bed by now, still looking thin and frail and lost, but she would heal. In time. Indi would be there for her, and eventually she would be there for herself. "I won't be long," Indi approached her wife and kissed her gently. They were still trying to get back to this. This, a normal life. A normal marriage. There was nothing normal about it. And yet it was familiar. Soon, they'd both be off to work from mornings to late nights, never complaining, but always thinking that they had too little time to spend with each other. For now, they were doing an uncomfortable dance, leaning on the familiarity of what once was.

The transporter was installed off the steps outside their front door. They had immediate access to the entire transporation system that surrounded Earth. Nobody could beam in however without consent from their end. Basically, you had to rang the chime from wherever you wanted to activate the transporter, before you could arrive to ring the actual chime. It was very handy, and so she shimmered in at Earth Spacedock before she had truly left home.

The walk from the transporter room to her office wasn't all that far. Even though she was on a Spacedock, a space station, the corridors were wide. Well lit. As if the Admiralty didn't want to be reminded that they weren't planet side somewhere. As Indi herself had a distinct preference for planet bound assignments, she didn't really mind having her office out in space. Unsealing the door and entering, she stepped inside her office. It was complete with a large desk, comfortable chair on her end, and two fancy chairs on the others. One corner of her office contained a couch and two smallers ones sitting beside it. For more informal meetings. Best of all, there was a replicator close to her desk. Getting a coke, she strode over to the windows that allowed her to gaze out into space. The entire back wall of her office was covered in windows. It could be overwhelming at times, but mostly it was peaceful. Putting her mind at ease that the vastness of space would never disappear.

After a few moments during which Indi allowed her mind to wander, she composed herself and sat down at her desk. Keying open her console, she saw that she only had 657 messages in her queue. All in a day's worth of work.


Rear Admiral Indira Hawk
Alpha Quadrant Security


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