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JL BQSecCO & Former Dunross Clan Chieftain | RAdm Sidra MacLaren & Civ Alistair Dunross

Posted on 241709.18 @ 12:11am by Rear Admiral Sidra MacLaren & Commodore Stephen MacCafferey

Mission: Hush [BQ Plot]
Location: Cold Station Theta
Timeline: 241709.17

Sidra finished her conversation with Indi and after the line was released and the terminal screen shut off she let out an anxious rush of air from her lungs. MacLaren had not realized just how many of the admiralty’s offspring were onboard the Vindicator. She’d love to meet the personnel officer at Starfleet command who thought that was a brilliant idea.

The lanky redhead pushed away from her desk and closed her eyes, rubbing her temples with long, thin fingers. Will was no doubt asleep and she’d missed tucking her boy in for the night. Sidra had made sure not to make any promises about being home to do so, her experiences as the child waiting on home had taught her that, but she still regretting not seeing him at all today. She hoped at least that Stephen had. Though she knew how long days were, and how they could be merged into multiple day runs, the urgency of the situations waiting her at the new post had slammed into her like a sledge hammer, taking her by surprise.

Sidra wouldn’t take long to get back in stride, but she had a feeling that this time around in uniform, her priorities would be different. It wouldn’t compromise her dedication to the job, but she felt more at ease, more confident to leave her office and spend some time with her family, spend time in her bed.

Though she left the undecorated office, a cold sterile place for now, there was another necessary call to make and it made her temples throb to think of it. Morning would dawn on the station in just a few hours and she’d have to go see Blyx too, but that she could push aside in her brain for now. This next call, if left for later would keep her awake.

The lights in her quarters were dim when she entered and she sighed, she had probably missed both her boys for the day. MacLaren retrieved a tulip shaped glass with a large sphere of ice from the replicator and used a thumbprint to retrieve a bottle of Boar’s Rock Whiskey from a cabinet. Sidra poured the amber liquid into the glass, filling about a half shot worth and then reconsidering the amount with another splash.

Her thoughts turned to her task, though she wasn’t a big fan of Alistair Dunross and the feeling was mutual, she had a level of respect for him she wouldn’t voice out loud. Sidra also recognized the need for the Alistair Dunross’ in the galaxy. He kept Starfleet in check in his own way, it was not always the utopian like society they liked to project. She also knew of the love he had for his middle child, his only daughter. This would be a hard call and she mentally braced for it as she let the ice chilled whiskey slid down her throat, warming her insides all the way down and coating her empty stomach with its slight burn.

“Open a channel to Alistair Dunross.” She told the computer, waiting for the connection to make the hops across space, opening her uniform jacket, but leaving it on for now, her crimson undershirt exposed.

The semi-retirement of Alistair Dunross was a fitful one at best. Since turning over the day-to-day operation of The Dunross Corporation to his eldest child and son, Alistair had been searching for a new challenge to sink his teeth in. The current challenge was being an owner of an arenaball team. As he sat high in the owner’s booth, watching his team struggle to move the ball across the field, his impatience and irritation with the coaching staff was wearing thin. He hate losing with a passion that matched a Klingon’s zest for combat. The cigar in his mouth lost its’ flavor and appeal as Alistair chewed it beyond recognition. Disgusted, he tossed the remnants of the cigar into the waste receptacle before stomping out into the thoroughfare. He knew he shouldn’t have let himself be talked into supporting a waste of time.

“My transport,” Alistair commanded. His valet and bodyguard bracketed him as they moved towards the exit.

He had something better to do besides watching a bunch of losers. So as he waited in the lift to descend to the ground level, Alistair listed the team up for sale. And by the time Alistair was in his transport and on the way home to Scotland, he sold the team to make marginal profit. As his shuttle landed outside his familial estate, Alistair’s waste of time had cost someone else a quarter billion credits. He grinned with satisfaction and made his way to into his home. His good mood was tempered by a message from Starfleet Command waiting for him. He flopped into his chair and punched the console to activate his personal communication device.

He stood with a stoic expression on his face as he waited for the visage of Sidra MacLaren appear. He only had one child in Starfleet and fought back any fear or anxiety that threatened to consume him without the expressed knowledge that his daughter was okay.

“Admiral,” Alistair said, electing to remain standing. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Sidra looked up as the comm finally connected. She had almost finished her night cap and had almost drifted off to sleep, but the audible beep of the connection going live made her snap back to completely awake and alert again.

She pushed the tumbler out of view and sat up straight, looking at Alistair, trying to judge his mood and disposition, but failing to. “Alistair.” She nodded, knowing this would not be pleasant for either of them. She didn’t want to tell him this at all. “I have some news about the ship that your daughter is on.” She ran a hand through her hair, forming words in her head before continuing. “The Vindicator has disappeared in a nebula and we’ve lost contact with them.”

Sidra watched him closely, but felt like she had to also ad, as she had with Indi, “I didn’t know Claire was on board, I would have called sooner.”

The cordial smile on Alistair’s face froze in place as all color drained from his face. It took a moment for the Sidra’s words to register enough for him to respond, but he needed that moment. In the silence of the seconds, Alistair experienced one of his greatest fears, to lose a child before his time. Unlike many people on Earth, the dangers of space travel was still very real to him, however it wasn’t every day that the knowledge that you can only do so much to protect one’s children was made plain. He struggled to maintain the grip on the edge of his desk before failing and falling into the giant plush leather chair. Another moment past and the acceptance of Sidra’s report sunk in and the paleness turned into a vibrant red that filled his face. He used the effort it took to pour him a drink from the decanter of whiskey to give him time to defuse the rush of fury.

“I suppose that Starfleet is doing it’s utmost to find my daughter and her crewmates?”

He wanted to shout and rage at her, but in his heart of hearts, he recognized Sidra was doing her duty and a favor. He would not kill this messenger.

“I sincerely hope that this was not the result of some Starfleet foolishness, Sidra, I would be severely displeased if that was so.”

MacLaren watched him, watched the shock take hold of him, his color drained from his face. When he fell into his chair, Sidra knew she was witnessing a moment of weakness from a man who rarely showed any such thing. She remained silent, seeing the maturation of emotions spill from him, she mentally braced for the rage, seeing it creep from his neck to his face. He poured himself a drink though and the rage didn’t come.

Sidra cleared her throat, waiting for him to finish, trying to grasp the level of hurt she had just delivered to him. She couldn’t quite understand it, but his reaction to it was better than she had expected. “Aye Alistair, we’re sending a ship to their last known location.” To his second statement she answered truthfully, “I don’t know if it was or not yet. There is very little we know, and they may in fact be just fine.” This wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference to him, but she said, “There are several Admiral’s children on that crew, I know this will be a top priority for Starfleet.” She fibbed, because she could not imagine it, could not bring herself to that dark place of imaging Will gone. “I know how you must feel, I’m sorry to have to deliver this.”

Alistair scoffed at the knowledge that among Claire’s shipmates included several Admiral’s brats. He did not let on that he knew of one by name, even though he had not had the opportunity to meet the boy. It was better off for him and for the boy if he should stay in Starfleet, very far from him and his own. He was not amused by the fact the boy had petitioned a name change and granted one because of his father. The thought of his mysterious half-brother along with the possibility his daughter missing in action made him incredibly thirsty. He took a swallow of whisky before turning his now hard green eyes on Sidra.

“My attitude towards Starfleet is well known, Sidra,” Alistair began, “I never liked the idea of my daughter joining Starfleet, but I suppose it is foolish to hold you or anyone responsible if...if my daughter does not return to her family. So keep your condolences until we are absolutely sure of the loss of that ship. With so many Admiral brats aboard, I’m quite sure you and the rest of Starfleet will kick in the ass who and what needs to be done. I do expect to be kept informed of the search and rescue progress.”

Alistair then took a slow sip and let the liquor burn away the deep sorrow he felt over the missing of his baby girl.

Sidra nodded to his request, she had been planning to keep him and his wife in the loop. Starfleet had lost so much in the last decade and this would be a tragedy that many of them would have trouble overcoming. She took up her own tumbler, the sphere of ice dissolving slowly into the remaining caramel colored liquid. Sidra finished her whiskey and said, “I’ll be in touch Alistair.”

"Do that," Alistair said with a grunt and moved to disconnect the link. "Dunross, out."

End Log

Rear Admiral Sidra MacLaren
Beta Quadrant Security

Alistair James Dunross
Dunross Clan Chieftain


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