Starfleet Command

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Settling in and proving one's worth

Posted on 241710.31 @ 2:34pm by Captain Terrik Roan

Mission: Non-Plot Log

“Captain Terrik, I’m sorry, but you are out of touch with reality if you think we can push the efficiency of our EPS conduits up another five percent. We worked for years to find the optimal layout of systems for Centaur class starships. I’ve served on one and the layout we’re using is based off of my direct experiences,” Commander John Dells didn’t hide the fact he was annoyed when he addressed Roan.

Scratching her nose ridges with her thumb, Roan let his annoyance roll off of her as she gave a slight shrug, “I appreciate that hands on experience is a poor substitute for looking over schematics and working with a holodeck representation, Commander. I hope you can appreciate that I was put in my current role because I tend to leave no stone unturned, and was asked to help improve all around efficiency where I could.

“I stand by my assessment that we can increase efficiency by re-aligning the relays coming in from the upper and lower most decks. I looked over reports you filed during your time on the Nautilus, and I don’t think you tried the configuration I’m suggesting. . .or if you did, you didn’t put it in your duty logs,” Roan replied, keeping her tone and expression neutral.

It was no secret by now that Dells wanted the position Roan currently occupied. Despite her leave from Starfleet, she had experience on the man that ranged not just through a number of different ship classes, but also different station configurations. Instead of being promoted, Dells remained in an assistant position, and it was clear the man was struggling to adjust to Roan as his direct superior.

The Bajoran was a patient woman, and saw Dells was a talented engineer. His downfall was his tendency to be somewhat close-minded when it came to anything Roan suggested. Hopefully, he would start to see reason. He made it clear he didn’t want to go back to a ship and preferred working more on the R&D side of things. Whether he could adjust to not being top-dog remained to be seen.

Dells gave nothing away in his expression, “What are you suggesting, sir?”

Roan arched a brow and tilted her head ever so slightly, “I’m suggesting you simply give my suggestion a try. Try it in a simulation and if you replicate my results, try it on a ship. I know you have more experience on me with the Centaur class, and I am happy to defer to your experience. I just ask that you don’t dismiss my own experience out of hand.”

The Commander met her gaze, and gave a slight nod, “Of course, sir. I will see to it at once.” With that, the man turned on his heels and left her office.

As the door shut behind him, Roan leaned back in her seat, letting go a long breath. Not everyone who came to see her insisted she prove herself, and for that, she was grateful.


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