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JL RAdm Stanton & Capt Deco | "Procrastination"

Posted on 241709.29 @ 9:59pm by Captain Sarah Deco & Rear Admiral Sadie Stanton
Edited on on 241709.29 @ 10:00pm

Mission: Non-Plot Log

=/\= Earth Spacedock, Stanton-Johnston Quarters =/\=

It had only been a couple of days since the startling revelation that Sadie's long-dead best friend was not so long-dead. Happy news, to be sure, but it had taken a little while to make her brain wrap fully around that one. Once it had, however, another part of her mind took over--the determined one. Sarah was back, and wanted to stay. Wanted her life back, here. And Sadie was going to help her do that.

So in between her various other duties for the past two days, Sadie had been investigating open positions. There was one...well, it was special, and she was hopeful, but she didn't want to push it so there was some uncertainty there. Not timidity, Rear Admiral Stanton was not prone to that, but she didn't know everything either.

She had arranged to meet with Sarah here at Sadie's quarters again this evening to discuss options and see what they could do...

It wasn't like Sarah had anything else to do. Sure, Starfleet had been wanting to debrief her repeatedly. Often different people, sometimes the same ones. Always the same story. Yes, she'd woken up in a strange medical facility. No, she hadn't remembered anything. Yes, she'd received a blow to the head. Yes, it had triggered her memory. Yes, it had led to her coming back to Earth.

She had been glad to receive Sadie's invitation and was a little bit early to arrive. Ringing the chime, she looked down at her shirt and pants and figured she could've changed before coming over. It was too late for that now though.

Since it was in the evening and her duty shift was over for the day, Sadie was in her civilian wear as well. Ian was at a friends and Little Sarah was playing in her room, while Darien was working at his civilian contract. It made for a quiet night, which was suiting for this. Hearing the chime, she got up and went to the door. She knew who it was before she opened it, both from common sense and her empathy, and smiled as she greeted Sarah. "Come on in," she said. "Make yourself at home."

Sarah hadn't felt 'at home' in a long time. It was nice to hear the invitation. "Thanks," she smiled, and meant it too. Settling down on the couch, she curled one leg beneath her before relaxing visibly. Not everyone would notice, but Sadie most definitely would. "How's work been today?" she observed the mandatory niceties.

"Oh, the usual." Sadie waved a hand. "How was your day? Starfleet still asking the same questions three times a day?" She knew what Starfleet was like, after all.

An impressive combination of a grunt and a shrug were the answer to that question. "They'll get tired of it eventually," Sarah spoke, and leaned her head back against the couch. She couldn't wait for the day that they tired of it though. It would make things that much easier. Then again, it would mean she had absolutely nothing left to do.

Sadie smiled sympathetically. "Well, maybe if you made yourself a little less available," she said knowingly. "I've done a little digging to find a few possible positions that you could have, if you were interested." She picked a padd up off the coffee table and handed it to her friend. There was That One left off, for now. She would see how her friend responded to these first.

Sarah glanced at the padd for a moment before accepting it. Yes, she wanted to return to Starfleet. Yes, the people she'd spoken to hadn't been averse to the idea. But so far, everybody had steered clear of the actual topic. She could've expected Sadie to push through and come up with a list of her own. Glancing down the list, she tried her best not to look disappointed. There were a few Fleet attached Science positions on there, in accordance with her Science background. A few positions where she'd be able to fly things, but they were on the other side of the quadrant. "Thanks," she said once she reached the end of the list. "I'll... think these through."

Soaking up her friend's energy via her genetic abilities, Sadie decided to go ahead with the rest. "There is one other position presently available," she said. "It's been open for a little while now because the person it's attached to is a hardheaded pain in the ass who is rarely satisfied with the candidates." Sadie smiled wryly. "The Commander of the Sol Sector needs a deputy."

"You're the Commander of the Sol Sector?" Sarah asked immediately. She hadn't studied the rosters that much. Nor did she have psychic abilities. It's just that the description matched her friend that well, and the undertone of humor wasn't lost on her either.

"Let me guess, the 'hardheaded pain in the ass' comment was what clued you in," Sadie said with a smirk. "Yes, that's me. I need a deputy and have for a little while now."

Sarah grinned. "Something like that. And it sounds like to procrastinate on important stuff like this."

Sadie held up a hand. "It was not procrastination. I've tried three different deputies on trial runs. I fired two and one quit after four days."

It was hard not to laugh outloud at that. Sarah could easily imagine what that must have been like, both for Sadie and the trial runners. She wasn't sure who she pitied most. "Sounds like a bit of procrastinating to me."

"It was not procrastination," Sadie said stubbornly, but with great amusement.

"Procrastination is a form of art you've mastered a long time ago," Sarah was almost ready to move on. Almost.

Sadie waved her hand again. "So, do you want the job or not?"

Sarah didn't remember the last time she'd had this much fun over nothing, really. "Yes, damnit!" she exclaimed with another grin. Of course she did. What kind of question was that?

That made Sadie laugh. "Good," she said, feeling relief over a concern she hadn't known she'd had. "And you're not allowed to quit, no matter how much of a pain in the ass I am."

"And you're not allowed to fire me, no matter how much of a smart ass I am," Sarah replied with a mock shrug. She wanted to hug her friend, just because she was having a good time. She restrained herself though, for now.

"Fair enough," Sadie said, smiling as she settled back into the couch. "You can start as soon as you're ready."

Sarah pulled a face like a small child. "You should talk to Fleet. They'll only clear me for duty when they're satisfied of the answers I've been trying to give them."

The rear admiral was clearly not concerned by this as she pursed her lips slightly and waved her hand again. "Don't worry about that," she said. "I know how to bend brass."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Rear Admiral Sadie Stanton
Commander, Sol Sector


Captain Sarah Deco
Deputy Commander, Sol Sector


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