Starfleet Command

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"Duty or Family"

Posted on 241709.30 @ 6:56pm by Captain Terrik Roan

Mission: Non-Plot Log
Location: Earth Spacedock

“Given the number of times you’ve stepped away and taken leave of your duties, I’m surprised they wanted you back at all,” Opaknan said as he walked along side his sister on the promenade of the Earth Spacedock. “Are you certain you want to come back? I doubt they’ll let you leave and return to the fold too many more times.”

Roan gave her brother a sidelong look, rolling her eyes, “I am certain. Look. . .after Mom and Dad passed, I tried to find a life for me on Bajor. When I found myself helping to repair ships coming into the station, I realized home wasn’t really home anymore. Starfleet has been as much a part of my life as anything.”

Her brother gave her a flat look, “So you say, but you didn’t even bother helping during the crisis of the war. You might as well have helped the dissenters, sis.”

“You can’t mean that,” Roan countered feeling and looking offended.

“I can, and I do. I’m sorry, Ro, but had more people like you given a damn, it might not have taken the toll it took on our numbers. You are offended by what I’ve said, but I’m offended by your lack of action. Where was your sense of duty?”

Roan stopped and turned to face him, “Enough, Opa. I was home taking care of Mother and Father. Dad. . .he was in bad shape, and Mom couldn’t take care of him on his own. Wren is Prophets know where, and you had your duty to attend to. I took care of our parents because you could not, and Wren, well. . .who knows with her. My sense of duty was to our family, Opa. You want to be offended at me for that, then so be it.

“But don’t you dare question me and my sense of duty. Family first. Career second. If that’s not good enough for you, then I am not sure I know you anymore,” Roan replied.

Opa tensed initially, but his shoulders fell as he listened to Roan. “I’m sorry Ro. I wasn’t being fair to you. It just felt like you were using our parents as an excuse,” he said by way of apology.

Roan reached up and gave a tug at her earring, studying her brother before shaking her head, “It’s fine. Look, the Gorkon leaves in six hours. We have just enough time to grab lunch before you need to be on your way and I need to report in. Come on, let’s make the most of it and try to keep our sibling bickering to a minimum.”

“You always have the best plans, Ro,” he agreed as the pair wandered off for one last meal together until whenever they both might be in the same sector again.


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